Saturday, September 15, 2007

Cheese and Crackers

Vegan Vittles was one of my first vegan cookbooks. There are many recipes I love in this cookbook but I tried a new one recently and it was a big hit - Classic White Uncheese.
Unfortunately Joanne Stepaniak does not like her recipes to be spread across the web so I cannot repost the recipe. But I can encourage you to buy the book because there are many great recipes in the book like: Muffins that Taste Like Dounuts, Sticky Buns, Ribs, Black Bean Soup, Uncheeses and more.

I probably had to spread cheese on about 15 crackers to take this picture with just a few. I kept putting them on the plate and they would keep disappearing. Mr. Bolsh would come in and take a few handfuls, like he didn't think I noticed. He called it Fake Cheese Wiz because it kind of tasted like cheese wiz without the gross flavor.


Emmie said...

Oh that looks so tasty! I have the ultimate uncheese cookbook, but not vegan vittles. I love uncheese so much.

Anonymous said...

I have the book!!!!!

thanks for the recipe recomendations! that crackers looks good!

Judy said...

I love the new layout of the blog.

I picked up Vegan Vittles a few months ago, and I love it. I haven't tried any of the uncheeses yet, but everything else I have tried is awesome. You've got to try the carrot butter, I know it sounds wacky but it is so good!

Anonymous said...

I love Vegan Vittles! I made the Uncheese for the first time this summer, and I was pleased as well. Your crackers look beautiful!


Emilie said...

I've been all over the Uncheese Cookbook lately...yum.

It'd be a great to do a piece about a bunch of different veg bloggers and cooks and chef's first cookbook love. Mine was Soy Not Oi. Sometimes I still hear the distant refrain of "not oi!" whenever I say or write or think "soy."

Jody from VegChic said...

Note too self, try that recipe.

They sure look tasty.

erica said...

Can I borrow the recipe?

bazu said...

my first vegan cookbook was by Eva Batts. I think that's what her name was. I don't remember the title of the book- it unfortunately got lost, along with a bunch of other cookbooks, during a move.

Kittee said...

hey weebles!
i'm a big fan of vegan vittles, though i rarely cook from it. a lot of your favorites are mine too, but especially the ribs. i probably make that recipe the most. i also used to make the macaroni tomato casserole stuff ALOT, when i lived in a big house with other veg*ns. we used to take turns cooking each night, and that recipe always went over well.


urban vegan said...

I like her uncheese recipes, but more s sandwich spread than as cheese substitutes.

VV is a classic, isn't it?

the pleasantly plump vegan said...

dang those look good.