Sunday, December 03, 2006

Normal Dinners

Like most bloggers I take photos of most the food I eat, even if it's not that interesting or have real recipes. It's always interesting to see what others are eating so here you go.

Chickpea soup with spinach and noodles with a side of dill carrots.
I've been working on my carrots. My partner misses these mushy carrots his grandmother use to make. So I've been trying to over cook my carrots to a mushy perfection and coat them with a pinch of brown sugar, dill and earth balance.

Vegan Chicken Sticks with agave-mustard dip and garlic greens.
While at Food Fight I felt like I needed to support their new freezer so I picked up these weird fake chicken legs. They are on little sticks which are actually sugar cane sticks - It's interesting. The dip was


Janetta said...

hello, im not sure if you'll ever get this message- but i stumbled upon your blog and was wondering if you would be able to recall the brand of those little chicken drumsticks?
I've been looking for them all over!

Webly said...

I do not remember the name! Sorry. I remember they have a sugar cane stick in them.