Tuesday, July 04, 2006


Over the weekend my husband, pup and I were in Gig Harbor, Washington visiting my aunt and grandmother. Much TV was watched since both my aunt and grandmother are currently disabled. I was inspired to grill after watching some shows on the Food Network. Seeing how my aunt just got a new grill it - was perfect!

(The Food Network makes me want to get cable, but then I would never cook.)

This was actually my first time grilling on a real grill.

We had the sweetest of all onions, the juicest of all portabella mushrooms and the most beautiful zuchinni.

They were marinated in a balsamic, garlic marinade using Newman's Own Balsamic Vinegar dressing with added italian spices, and lots of garlic.

The master griller herself.

Sporting my Food Fight shirt and flipping some veggies.

See those beautiful grill lines!? When I was a kid and meat I always had my dad put those grill lines on my dead animals because I liked the way it looked. Now I am able to get the same look.

I can't wait until we get a house and I can start grilling more. Maybe using some different woods to create different smokey flavors, just like my dad

We also grilled corn and it had the most wonderful flavor.

When we got home I tried to grill some more on our little electric George Forman grill. The lines came across but they were a bit too mushy. The electric grill didn't do all I wanted it to. But it was still great.

I made a very summery picnic meal. Some corn on the cob, cantaloupe, grilled veggies of course, and some coleslaw.

Corn season is wonderful!


Melody said...

Veggies look great...

Webly said...

Thanks Melody!

karen said...

Those are the most incredible looking grilled veggies!

Webly said...

Thanks Karen!