Wednesday, November 21, 2007


I have many thoughts on Thanksgiving. I usually share those thoughts with my close friends, but today I will tell you.

I don't care much for Thanksgiving. I love the time off from work, but it's no big deal to me because I cook all the time, from scratch. I get annoyed with all the extra people at the grocery store, hearing people talk about making a pie from scratch, using fresh vegetables...these are common things for me. I live a busy life and I always make time for cooking. (This is where I get in trouble) I see the people who cook real meals three times a year as posers. There I said it. Posers.

I do love that an event makes cooking real food popular and that everyone can enjoy a real meal full of love and healthy ingredients.

Mr. Bolsh loves Thanksgiving. I prefer to fast, but we all do things for our partners to make them happy. The past three years we've spent Thanksgiving in Bend, OR, cooking in a tiny kitchenet, but this year we will have our first Thanksgiving in our first house. I am excited for that. So I've let Mr. Bolsh plan the menu:
2 Tofurkys
Mashed potatoes
Boiled Carrots
Chocolate chip cookies

Yes, two tofurkys, for two people. I'm not the biggest Tofurky fan, but Mr. Bolsh is and he wanted one all to himself.
My favorite thing to do with Tofurky is to either glaze it with sparkling pear cider o marinate it with pear cider. It creates a wonderfully sweet glaze and full flavor. But this year, Mr. Bolsh will not have any of my silly gourmet tactics - back to basic, except for the cookies.
Hopefully a camera will be able to capture the glory of the meal.
As a side note, Mr. Bolsh has expressed interested in participating in one day of VeganMoFo. We'll see if he is really interested in telling you about his cooking skills.

Happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy your time with your favorites.


selina said...

Sounds like a good menu to me!

Can't wait to hear his Vegan MoFo. :)

Addy N. said...

I have yet to try Tofurky in the past 15 Thanksgivings that I've been a vegetarian- I'll have to try it one of these days. I take the approach of making foods that have nothing to do with Thanksgiving at all. I am going to a party today and bringing a store-bought (Trader Joe's) Mexican dip with chips and a composed salad recipe from Nava Atlas. I also have my annual PSA on my blog about factory farming, though. Have a great non-turkey day!

Melody Polakow said...

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

I am not a fan of this holiday at all..

jess (of Get Sconed!) said...

Reading this on lj friends' page really made me smile.

veganfabluous said...

Your honesty is what makes blogging so fantastic!

tommymakestapes said...

Mr. Bolsh is my hero today.

Lynn / vigilant20 said...

I had my first tofurky for my first veggie thanksgiving. One of my parents were even brave enough to try it and like it...hehe.

Happy Thanksgiving! :)

bazu said...

Thanksgiving is what you make of it, and some years we feel like going all out and some years we don't. (one of my favorite t-giving meals ever was guacamole and pita chips). I do agree with you, though, on the poseurs thing! It's a good chance for me to stock up on the sweet potatoes and cranberries that I like and cook with all year long, but that only go on sale once a year... sigh.