Thursday, June 07, 2007

Cheesiness and Sweets

Cheesiness and sweets, but not together, that would just be gross.

Cheesy Sauce and Neatballs:
As you know I've been working on the perfect cheesy sauce for Mr. Bolsh. This one had more lemon juice in it and that seems to be the way he wants to go with the recipe.
We poured it over cauliflower and Trader Joe's Meatballs.
New Farm Mac and Cheese:
Wow, this sure is a fat filled dish. 1 full cup of earth balance. Good thing it's going to an IPRC fund raiser tonight! All the fat sure does make it taste great though! I added some chili powder to give it a bit more of a kick.
Coconut Pie Pudding:
We've been enjoying dinner outside on our new covered deck.
I've been working on my coconut cream pie recipes for awhile now. Sunday morning I had a disaster where the crust ended up inside the filling. I don't know what happened, but I decided to just go with it. I lightly mixed the crust into the filling and called it a pudding. It has gone over well. Unfortunately, it's not the right consistency yet for a pie filling. But I am getting closer!
Behind the pudding is cherry limeaid - perfect for hot summer days!New Farm Brownies:
Brownies from the New Farm cookbook. It's a great chewy brownie. Emilie, from Conscious Kitchen, recently posted a brownie recently that contained yam. This seems like a great recipe to do that with. In this recipe you make a paste with hot water and flour. It's not very flavorful so I would want to replace it next time with a blended fruit.


Courtney said...

Any chance you'll share your cheese sauce recipe?!

Everything looks amazing!!


Judy said...

Eating outside is the best! And I love the ingenuity used for your pie - mix it all up, and if it tastes good, yay!

laura jesser said...

All sounds great to me!

Emilie said...

oooh, crinkly top brownie. I love it when they are crinkly like that on the top. Gotta say the sweet potato in the brownie thing works out awesomely--I think it gives it a nice and natural sweetness as well as a helps it be super fudgey, which is key to my mind.

Cherries have just started appearing in Boston. I'm eating them constantly and thinkin' of you...

jess (of Get Sconed!) said...

I heart chili powder in the mac and cheez! good call! I'm impressed you made the full fat version - how did it go?

KleoPatra said...

Wow, the "fatty" mac 'n' cheez looks soooooooooo good! i can't believe those brownies are made with yams... what a cool idea. A fruit paste is also such a good thing to do for more of a sweet flavour. You can get the sweetness as desired w/fruit and also the great gooey fudgey consistency. i dig that!!

shaun.marie said...

i think the last time i commented here was to say how much i love cheezy sauce on cauliflower. but i'll say it again! please do share the recipe some day!

Webly said...

Courtney - I will share the recipe when I perfect it to Mr. Bolsh's tastes. Seems like we're getting closer...

Judy - Like my mom said, "it all goes to the same place anyway!"

Thanks Laura!

Emilie - mmm...cherries and chocolate...

Jess - Everyone loved the full fat version! The noodles ended up absorbing a lot of the flavor. I bet it would be great the next day if it had lasted that long.

Kleopatra - I'm going to have to try the yam brownie sometime. It's nice to add a depth to the flavor while keeps guests figuring out, "what IS that flavor."

Shaun.marie - I will due time. You can't rush perfection!

Kristin said...

That's my favorite recipe for mac n cheese.