Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Little Pies

A few weeks ago Jess and I prepared for her 4th of July party together. I enjoy cooking with Jess because we work similar to each other in the kitchen - cooking, cleaning, tasting, adding, experimenting.
You can see more of what she made over here.

Raspberry Coconut Pie:
This was based off my coconut pie recipe. Jess wanted them pink, so we added the juice of some raspberries but it turned lavender. They still tasted great!

Yogurt Fruit Pie:
Luckily, Jess made the crust for all of these because I really dislike making pie crusts.
These were filled with apricot yogurt, various thickeners and sweeteners before throwing in some fresh fruit.


laura jesser said...

Such beautiful little pies... I like the lavender with the raspberries too, it really works.

erica said...

Hi Webly,
Yes, I think it was Michelle's house. She still has my plate (well, my boyfriend's plate, so I don't care too much :D)

my email is gawky3@yahoo.com, or my myspace is on my blog sidebar. Wold love to go out sometime!

Kate said...

Wow, tastey looking pies!

Selina said...

Yum! Those look soooo good!

VeggieGirl said...

such delectable little pies - I LOVE the variety of fruits you used

Judy said...

OOh, pie! They are so cute, and I bet they taste wonderful too :)

Webly said...

Thanks guys. Little pies are awfully cute, that's why I sometime call my little doggie "little pie."