Monday, September 11, 2006

Sweet Tofu and Green Beans

This was fantastic! But there's no real recipe, but I will try my best.

Hazelnut marinated tofu with almond breading on a pile of Sweet onion sauce sauteed with green beans.

At my local farmer's market I found this hazelnut marinade. It's pretty much soy sauce with a lot of hazelnut flavor. That's the main part of this recipe.

I marinaded one block of tofu over night in this hazelnut marinade.
The next day I breaded the tofu in a mixture of chickpea flour, almond flour, cayenne pepper, salt and a dash of ginger.
These were baked on a cookie sheet at 425F for 12 min. each side.

The sweet onion sauce is a wonderful recipe I tested for Isa and Terry (of the Post Punk Kitchen fame). They have a new cookbook coming up and though it's far from being ready for sale, you should keep a look out for it.
The sweet onion sauce was mixed with green beans and sauteed until done.

The sweetness of these two dishes went together nicely. If I drank wine, or knew anything about wine, I would have served wine with this dish because it just seems appropriate.

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Megan the Vegan said...

haselnut marinade? how cool!