Sunday, February 14, 2010

Eating Through the Alphabet

When I was 8 I started participating in Lent - I vowed to turn off the lights every time I left the room. Each year from then on I gave something up every year to better my life. This was odd since I grew up Protestant in a Mormon community, where I picked up this Catholic tradition of giving up something every Lent, I do not know.
16 years ago I gave up meat and never went back.
11 years ago I went vegan and never went back.
The last two years I went without spending any money, but it didn't stick, just good for 40 days.
Two years before this I gave up sugar, one of my main addictions, but I went back.

This year I will be venturing on a different culinary adventure - I will eat my way through the alphabet, one day at a time during Lent. What does this mean? The first day of Lent I will only eat foods that starts with A, the second day, B, and so on.

While only eating these foods may be impossible I feel I do need to maintain health, sanity, and a bit of wiggle room.
The Rules:
1. Drink all the water I want.
2. Eat rice as needed.
3. Dishes with combined ingredients must include 2/3 ingredients that start with the letter. For example: It is not good enough to eat a dish called, "Pasta." The dish must include at least 2/3 ingredients that start with P, "pasta, peas, peppers, olive oil, and paprika."
4. As a food reviewer for Stumptown Vegans I will allow myself at least one meal a week eating out which breaks this adventure in eating.

This will definitely be a challenge and require planning which will be difficult with my busy schedule.
If you are interested in participating, inviting me over for dinner, or even posting a recipe that meets the requirements.
This study is interesting and we'll see how far I can get into it. A-Z-M. As I reach the end of the alphabet I may need to combine multiple letters as there are few foods which with X, Y, and Z.


Carrie said...

sounds like an interesting experiment!

In a vegan state of mind. said...

This is a great experiment.

Mana said...

update, update. how's this going?

Webly said...

Mana - it went horrible. The next day my pup fell deathly ill. After she died a few weeks later, I lost all motivation to come back to the project or even continue this blog!