Monday, November 20, 2006

Working Thanksgiving Menu

In response to Jess, this is what I am thinking of feeding myself and my husband for Thanksgiving. Since that sweet potato pie looks so tempting we may drive back from our vacationing location and steal some of Jess's food.

-Pear cider and garlic 2-day-marinaded Tofurky
-Roasted squash soup
-Simple salad
-Mashed potatoes and gravy
-Pumpkin pie
-Harvest popcorn balls from The Vegan Lunch Box
-Soy Nog
-Blueberry sparkling juice

What are you making and for who?

Recently I was in Denver and Salt Lake, so I'll be posting some food pictures from there - stay tuned!


springsandwells said...

holy cow webly!
that tofurky prep sounds really good... And I have to tell you, I saw your comment over at Jess' blog about the sa-to-phe and it freaking cracked me up! What a great idea. I love it!!

Sean Carter said...

Your menu sounds pretty interesting...nice to learn of new and different things on Thanksgiving...and hey do drop by my Thanksgiving Blog sometime for some more resources...have a gret Thanksgiving!!!!

Megan the Vegan said...

webly....have I been living under a rock? Why haven't I been visiting your've got some good lookin stuff here.
Your TG dinner plans sound great...hope they turn out well.

Webly said...

springsandwells - let me know if you get to the sa-to-phe before I do! I am interested in seeing what gets created.

sean carter - I would love to make a more non-traditional meal for thanksgiving (or even fast like I use to) but my husband is just too much of a traditionalist. He's a man who would love all those gadgets you have on your blog.

megan - there are so many blogs out there. I have a hard enough time keeping up with just a handful. Thanks for the compliment! Are you making anything fun? I guess I'll just have to wait and see.

Amber said...

oooo yummy! I'v never had soy it good? better then dairy nog???

Webly said...

Amber - I'm not sure I've ever had real egg family usually just skipped the egg drink and went straight for the alcohol!